Since Covid 19 infection may initially present as conjunctivitis of the eye in addition to fever and dry cough, I ask the following:

If you have a fever and/or dry cough or flu-like symptoms, please do not come to the office, but first have Covid19 infection ruled out through your primary care physician.

If you do not have these symptoms, you are welcome to come to the office, provided that your Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Corona Warning app does not indicate a risk and you are wearing a medical mouth/nose mask. Homemade masks do not provide safe protection because of untested material density. Masks with an outlet valve are not permitted because of the risk to other persons.

By extending the treatment time per patient, an attempt is made to reduce the possibility of contact with other persons in the practice to a minimum. This results in a significantly reduced number of examination appointments. If you are prevented / ill, cancel your appointment in good time, at the latest the day before the examination, so that the appointment can be given to other patients.

What should I do if I think I have COVID-19?

The first point of contact for citizens with symptoms such as fever, cough, respiratory symptoms or loss of sense of smell/taste is to call their family doctor.

For severe cold symptoms and all other illnesses that require urgent medical treatment or consultation, or if they cannot visit a doctor’s office (for example, if they are immobile), you can call Arztruf Hamburg: 116117.

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