Preventive diagnostic measures:

To exclude glaucoma and optic nerve head disease

  • Measurement of intraocular pressure
  • Measurement of visual field defects with FDT (frequency-doubling-technique)
  • Measurement of nerve fiber thickness of the optic nerve head with spectral-domain OCT
  • Photodocumentation of the optic nerve head
  • Colour testing with Velhagen-chart

To exclude retinal disease

a. measurement of the structural changes of the retina

  • in gliosis, traction syndromes, membranes, macula hole formation
  • in diabetes with diabetic maculopathy
  • in occlusion / thrombosis / inflammation of retinal vessels

b. examination of the retina for vitreous detachment, retinal degeneration / hole / detachment, arterial hypertension
c. autofluorescence of the retina
d. photodoocumentation for chorioideal naevus, diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusive disease


Based on several thousand performed procedures on mostly cataract, intravitreal injection, surgery of retina and glaucoma I will be able to give advice on procedures, time and type of surgery, type of implantable intraocular lens, anaesthetic and follow-up.


a. Conradia Medical Prevention Center Hamburg, CIM, Falkenried 88, 20251 Hamburg
b. Prof. W. Zangemeister, Professor of Neurology, Conradia im CIM, Falkenried 88, 20251 Hamburg

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